Rules and Regulations for the 2018-2019 Hunting Season


Florida State Hunting rules will apply with the exception of the following:

1.           Safety & Hunting Attire

ALL firearms must be safely secured and out of the reach of children. NO firing of guns is allowed in the camp area.

NO fireworks will be allowed on the property at any time.

ALL campsites should be equipped with fire extinguishers and water hoses. Members should use appropriate caution with campfires on campsites. NO illegal substances will be tolerated on the premises. Any person deemed to be intoxicated will not be allowed to continue the days’ hunt.

Gates MUST be locked at all times.

Any person leaving the camp area during General Gun season is REQUIRED to wear a Blaze Orange or Safety Green shirt, vest, or hat except while in a tree stand. A shirt or vest and a hat of these colors are required to be worn while walking in the woods.

Members are REQUIRED to wear safety harnesses and straps at all times while using a tree stand.

Any safety infraction listed here, or otherwise identified, may result in fines to the Member.

2.           Membership & Associate Members

Memberships run annually from May 1 through April 30 and includes options for still hunting, dog hunting, turkey hunting, and fishing, in compliance with FWC rules.

Memberships are non-transferable and non-refundable.

Memberships apply to one hunter and his/her immediate family; defined as a spouse and any dependent children through the age of eighteen (18).

Members are granted year-round access to the 12,000 (more or less) acres and the option for camp space at the existing camping area. Contact a Board Member for location and availability.

Associate Memberships are available, but not required, for spouse or dependent children through age eighteen (18). See Game & Harvest Limits, Tree Stands, Feeding Stations & Still Hunting and Annual Hunting Dues for additional information.

3.           Guests (including minors & their guardians)

ALL Guests (hunting and non-hunting adults and minors) MUST sign a Liability Release upon entering the property. Liability Releases are provided at main camp. The Member is held responsible for ensuring Guests complete the release. If the Guest is found on property without having completed a Liability Release, the Member is subject to a fine. ANY NON-MEMBER ON PROPERTY MUST SIGN A LIABILITY RELEASE.

Members are allowed one (1) guest on a given day, and each Guest is limited to a total of six (6) hunting days during a hunting year. GUESTS ARE NOT ALLOWED DURING PRIMITIVE WEAPON SEASON, THE FIRST NINE (9) DAYS OF GENERAL GUN SEASON, NOR THE FIRST NINE (9) DAYS OF SPRING TURKEY SEASON.

Guests must be accompanied by the Member at all times but will be allowed to drive a separate vehicle while on the property and traveling with the Member; Guests do not need to ride in the same vehicle as the Member. GUESTS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BRING HUNTING DOGS ON THE PROPERTY.

Fees for all Guests over the age of sixteen (16) will be $50.00 per day for any type of hunting. Guest Fees MUST be paid within seven (7) days of Guest’s visit, or the sponsoring member will be charged three times the appropriate Guest Fee ($150.00 per day).

4.           Age Restrictions

Hunters under the age of fifteen (15) must be supervised by an adult at all times.

Hunters born on or after June 1, 1975 are required to complete a Hunter Safety Course in order to obtain a valid Florida Hunting License. A copy of the Hunter Safety Certificate MUST be included with the Member’s application, or the Guest’s Liability Release.

5.           Vehicles

Members will be issued a decal to place on all vehicles and ATVs that will be on Property during the year.

At all times, Vehicles and ATVs should stay on roads or existing fire lines and are NOT allowed off-road for any reason. Swamp buggies are NOT allowed on the Property.

Joy-riding is NOT allowed at any time (day or night) between September 1 and the close of Spring Turkey season. During any hunting season, ATVs are only allowed in the woods for the purpose of hunting and/or feeding and NOT allowed outside the camp for joy-riding.

6.           Game & Harvest Limits

All game MUST be brought to the camp, weighed, recorded and deer must be checked by a Board Member before leaving the Property.

All game left in cooler must be tagged with the Member’s name and date of harvest. Game left in the cooler longer than three (3) weeks will be forfeited and become “camp meat.”

Buck Harvest. Members and their immediate family will be allowed a total of four (4) bucks at any time during the valid hunting season. In accordance with Florida State Rules, Bucks must have at least one (1) antler with three (3) or more points OR one (1) antler with a main beam of at least ten inches (10”). Points are measured with a soft tape from the level line of the main beam and must be one or more inches (1”) in length to be considered.

Youth hunters, age fifteen (15) or younger will be allowed one spike, with at least one (1) antler at least five inches (5”) in length, ONLY if said hunter has never previously killed a deer, regardless of Florida State Rules.

Antlerless Deer Harvest. Each Members is allowed one (1) doe tag. All antlerless deer must be tagged with Doe tag and must weight fifty (50) pounds or more. Any Member weighing a Doe less than fifty (50) pounds is subject to fine. Does may be harvested throughout deer season, however, regardless of doe tag availability, only one (1) per Member will be allowed during the 2018-2019 season.

Spikes will NOT be allowed at any time during the hunting season by any Member and/or guest sixteen (16) years of age, or older.

Associate Memberships. Paid Associate Memberships allow the Associate to harvest one (1) buck in addition to the Member’s harvest limit, allowing a combined total of five (5) bucks between the Member and Associate. The Associate may harvest additional bucks; however, this reduces the number of bucks the Member is allowed to harvest. Associate Members may NOT harvest an additional Doe. Members are not allowed to harvest their Associate’s buck.

Other Game. All other game harvests are subject to State rules.

Guests. Each Guest is limited to a total harvest of one (1) deer, one (1) turkey, and one (1) hog. A Guest’s deer harvest is counted towards the supporting Member’s Harvest Limit.

Fines. Fines will be assessed for any game that does not meet these listed requirements. Any deer subjected to fine will be forfeited and designated as “camp meat.”

7.           Hunting Areas

See attached Exhibit B of this document, which denotes the various hunting areas:

Area 1 is colored GREEN on the camp map. This area is Still Hunt only. It includes property North of Shunz Road, beginning fifty (50) yards West of the county landfill fence line, South of I-4, and West of FPL power line.

Area 2 is colored ORANGE on the camp map. This area is Still Hunt only. It includes property South of Shunz Road, West of SR 415 (Tomoka Farms Road), North of Old Main Gate Road, and East of FPL power line that crosses the pasture.

Area 3 is colored YELLOW on the camp map. This area is open to Still Hunting during Primitive Weapon season, and Still Hunting and Dog Hunting during the General Gun season. It includes property South of Shunz Road, North and East of the water tower road, North of Slaughter, East of Snell, North of Dike, and to the East property line.

Area 4 is colored BLUE on the camp map. This area is open to Still Hunt during Primitive Weapon season, and Still Hunting and Dog Hunting during General Gun season. It includes property South of Luke, Tiger Bay and Joe Road, from the East property line to the West power line, to the South power line.

POPD Shooting Range | Scheduled Hunt Area. During the upcoming year, the Port Orange Police Department (POPD) will be constructing a shooting range in the area known as POPD Shooting Range and identified on the map in Exhibit A of this document as Scheduled Hunt Area. When the POPD Shooting Range becomes operational, the Club will be notified and Members will have restricted access to the area as follows:

a.      Hunting will be allowed on Saturdays and Sundays and will exclude those week days that may be identified by the POPD as training days, with the Club notified in advance.

b.      Hunting during Monday through Friday of each week will be allowed only after the POPD has notified the Club that the POPD Shooting Range will not be used for training.

c.       Once the POPD Shooting Range is operational, Members will be notified via eMail with any dates this restricted area will be open for hunting. It is each Member’s responsibility to ensure the area is considered “open” before hunting. Contact the President or Vice-president when in question.

Refer to Exhibit B for clarification on any area. If you have questions regarding property lines, or hunting areas, contact a Board Member.

8.           Tree Stands, Feeding Stations & Still Hunting

Stands. Each member is allowed up to three (3) stands, with paid Associate Memberships allowed one (1) additional stand for a total of four (4) stands. Stands must be at least two-hundred (200) yards from any other Member’s marked stand. Members are NOT allowed to build permanent stands in any trees and may not mark or hunt extra stands for Members that do not still hunt.

All stands must be marked with an ORANGE ribbon by May 1. Marking tapes should be located on the stand and at intervals on the trails leading to it. Stands must also be marked on the Camp Map found at Main Camp; use one (1) number per Membership when marking the map, using the same number for every stand.

Members must obtain permission from a stand owner before hunting another Member’s stand.

Failure to comply with these stand requirements will result in the termination of your stand, and its location.

Feeding Stations. No corn or feed of any kind will be allowed on Shunz Road. Members should shut down feeding stations during the 2018 Spring Turkey season.

Still Hunting. Still hunting will be allowed during Primitive Weapon and General Gun seasons and will be open in all areas beginning with General Gun season. When still hunting, Members must maintain a one-hundred (100) yard buffer from county property lines in Area 4, and a fifty (50) yard buffer on the county landfill fence line. 

When traveling to or from a hunting station, Members may not make new trails and should use existing fire lines and existing roads only. Traveling in a Still Hunt Only area is limited to travel to and from the stand; no joy-riding or hunting from a vehicle is allowed.

9.           Dog Hunting

Hunting with dogs will be CLOSED on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of each week but will be allowed during the following time periods:

a.     First week of General Gun season (November 5 through November 7);

b.     Thanksgiving week (November 19 through November 21);

c.      Christmas week (December 24 through December 26) AND New Year’s weeks (December 31, 2018 through January 2, 2019); and

d.      Last week of General Gun season (January 14 through January 16, 2019).

Hunting dogs will NOT be allowed to roam free on property until opening day of General Gun season. When taking stands during dog hunts, hunters shall stand on the side of the road bordering the section being hunted. Should more than one hunter shoot a deer, the harvest will become the property of the hunter inflicting the first critical shot. Disputes will be settled by arbitration.

All dogs must be tagged with a collar and an ID number provided by the club and must have current rabies vaccinations.

Retrieving your dogs from the property South of our property line will be permitted, with escort by Ricky Brooks or Bob Thomas. No firearms will be allowed beyond our property line while retrieving dogs. 

10.      Primitive Weapon Season (Archery & Black Powder)

Members may harvest up to their game limits as identified in Game & Harvest Limits, during Primitive Weapon season. Hunting during Primitive Weapon season is restricted to Areas 1, 2, 3 & 4. See Hunting Areas for additional information.

Guests are not allowed during primitive weapon season. Review the section on guests for additional rules.


11.      General Gun Season

Still hunting during General Gun season is open to the entire property. Dog hunting is prohibited from Areas 1 & 2.

Guests are not allowed during the first nine (9) days of general gun season. Review the section on guests for additional rules.

12.      Turkey Season

Hunting with rifles is NOT allowed during Spring Turkey season. All feeding stations should be shut down. No calling of any kind is allowed for turkeys before the Spring Turkey season opens.

Each day, before turkey hunting, Members must mark the location map with hunter’s name, location, and date that is being hunted. The location map should be cleared each evening.

Guests are NOT allowed during the first nine (9) days of Spring Turkey Season. Review the section on Guests for additional rules.

13.      Campsites

Existing campsites are not to be expanded. All campsite improvements must be approved by Club President or Vice-president prior to any construction. Campsites should be kept clean and cleared of trash at all times.

Campsites should be free of “junk”, trash, unused tires, and any open containers (such as trash cans, tires, buckets, etc.).  All fuel and oil containers should be stored out-of-sight and disposed of properly. Noncompliance will be determined at the board’s discretion and will result in fines.

14.      Shooting Range

During hunting season, the shooting range is only available for the hours posted at the range (10:00am through 3:00pm), unless the safety chain is up (identifying a hunter in the area behind the range). Outside of any hunting season, the shooting range is open at all times unless the safety chain is up. 

Members should remove all trash from the range when leaving. Glass targets are NOT allowed.

15.      Annual Hunting Dues

Annual Membership dues are all-inclusive with no additional fees. An Associate Membership is optional but must be elected at the beginning of the membership year (in May). Annual Dues may be paid by Cash or Check, with checks made payable to Smokey Hunt Club, Inc.

Annual Dues payments MUST include an updated Membership Application, signed Liability Release, and a copy of the Member’s and (if applicable) Associate’s valid State Driver’s License. Members MUST also provide a valid eMail address so notices can be distributed as needed.

Annual Membership Dues: $3,400.00

Annual Campsite Fee: $200.00

Associate Membership Dues: an additional $300.00

ALL dues MUST be paid by upon receipt of invoice (to be mailed by 05/25/2018)

If any Member is unable to pay on the specified date, contact the Club President or Vice-president to discuss any payment arrangements. All dues MUST be paid before the Member is allowed to hunt. Dues are non-refundable and Memberships are non-transferable.

16.      Violations

Violations of these rules, or any other action deemed inappropriate or unsafe, will be addressed by the Board and any appropriate action and/or fines will be levied as deemed appropriate. Fines MUST be paid within five (5) days of the violation decision; Members will not be allowed to continue hunting until fines are paid.

Fines:    1st offense: $300.00,

              2nd offense: $300.00, and

              3rd offense: revoked hunting privileges for the remainder of the membership year.

If an emergency should occur, and all Board Members are not present or readily available, the Chairman, President and Vice-president will resolve the issue.

17.      Board Members


President & Chairman:



      Robert “Bob” Thomas, Sr





      Ricky Brooks, Jr





      Robert “Robbie” Thomas, Jr


      Jim Peters


      Jack Martin


      Steve Lenze


      Dwight Raymond


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